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If you follow me on Instagram, last night you got a super blurry, tantalizingly taunting sneak peek of today's post. I'm really excited to share the real deal with you now! I've got the

If you follow me on Instagram, last night you got a super blurry, tantalizingly taunting sneak peek of today's post. I'm really excited to share the real deal with you now! I've got the full set of swatches for the new Fall/Winter 2015 OPI collection, Venice. 

After looking at the colors from Venice, I realized some of them matched closely to a "nailspiration" picture I had pinned recently (here).  Though it's not exactly Venetian, I loved the print, so I painstakingly duplicated it on my nails.

It took me longer than I'd care to admit.

Italian Tribal Print by Katy @ Nailed ItClick to EnlargeThere's some seriously teeny tiny brushwork that went into this, but it was all inspired by the gorgeous Venice collection. (WARNING: Cheesy OPI names ahead!)

The collection has 12 colors, plus 3 awesome limited edition colors! I was surprised by that...I'd never heard of that before. So here's a look at those 3 first.

OPI - Baroque...But Still Shopping!OPI - Baroque...But Still Shopping!Baroque...But Still Shopping! (2 coats) is a brassy gold chrome with a little grit and texture in it, plus hex and square gold glitter. I'm not the biggest fan of polishes like this that embed glitter in a base that essentially envelopes the glitter. To me, it looks like someone got little pieces of dust stuck in their polish while they applied it.

OPI - Venice the Party?OPI - Venice the Party?Venice the Party? (2 coats) is a bright teal chrome. It's a little more teal than my swatch shows. You can see that it's still a little bit sheer after 2 coats, but that didn't bother me enough to use a third. It looks nice with 2.

OPI - St. Mark's the SpotOPI - St. Mark's the SpotThe last limited edition color is St. Mark's the Spot (2 coats), which is an effortless dark blue chrome. It's one of those royal, regal colors you can really sink your teeth into.

As I mentioned, those are just the limited edition colors, so if you're loving any of these colors, act quickly, because when OPI says "limited edition", they mean it! Snag 'em while they're hot! After the jump, you'll see the rest of the 12-piece Fall/Winter collection.

OPI - Be There in a ProseccoOPI - Be There in a ProseccoVenice is full of awesome off-whites and nudes, including Be There in a Prosecco (2 coats). This slightly nude off-white creme rivals an all-time favorite OPI color of mine, My Vampire is Buff. If you know me and my nail art, you know that that's a big statement! I use MVIB quite a lot! Like...a lot! See them all?! I'm obsessed! So welcome to the family Be There in a Prosecco, I'm thrilled to have you.

OPI - Tiramisu for TwoOPI - Tiramisu for TwoTiramisu for Two (2 coats), another pretty nude from Venice, is a fleshy muted creme with some pink notes in it. It's not my first choice of off-whites, but I actually really liked it against my skin!

OPI - Worth a Pretty PenneOPI - Worth a Pretty PenneWorth a Pretty Penne (2 coats) is the last full chrome in the collection, and the only non-LE chrome. I liked this copper chrome with silver flints a lot! Great coverage and it made an awesome accent for the tribal nail art I did.

OPI - A Great Opera-tunityOPI - A Great Opera-tunityA Great Opera-tunity (2 coats) also made it into the tribal nail art. It's an adobe brick tan creme, like the walls of the pueblos at Mesa Verde.

Image SourceOh sweet Ashley. I love you and think you might be my spirit animal.

OPI - It's a Piazza CakeOPI - It's a Piazza CakeIt's a Piazza Cake (2 coats) is the epitome of fall. It looks exactly like a slightly over-ripened pumpkin that's not quite mushy yet, but has aged enough that no one picks it from the pumpkin patch. Don't worry though, you delicious little creme, I'd pick you!

OPI - Gimme a Lido KissOPI - Gimme a Lido KissGimme a Lido Kiss (3 coats) is a little bit sheer. I needed 3 coats for this maraschino cherry shimmer with red flecks. It's a romantic, fun color. It would've gone perfectly in the Minnie collection OPI did in 2013.

OPI - Amore at the Grand CanalOPI - Amore at the Grand CanalAmore at the Grand Canal (2 coats) offers you another great Fall color. It's a deep red creme, with some kind of dimension I can't really put into words. It just feels like a well thought out red. Don't ask me to explain that, it's just how it feels. Ya know?

OPI - Purple Palazzo PantsOPI - Purple Palazzo PantsOne of Venice's un-Fall shades is Purple Palazzo Pants (2 coats). Obviously more of a spring shade, it doesn't necessarily fit into the mold, but provides me with great pleasure nonetheless as a full coverage, easy, light lavender creme. I'd rock it...but only on my nails. My short legs couldn't pull off the real deal.

OPI - O Suzi MioOPI - O Suzi MioO Suzi Mio (2 coats) can only be said with great emphasis of the hands, which works wonderfully for this statement-making dark mulberry creme.

OPI - My Gondola or Yours?OPI - My Gondola or Yours?My Gondola or Yours? (2 coats) brings on the winter! OPI finally has a new black, but this one's got a little bit of pearlescense. I didn't use it for the tribal print though, because it's a little less opaque than I'd like for nail art. I stuck with Black Onyx (another OPI) for my nail art.

OPI - I Cannoli Wear OPIOPI - I Cannoli Wear OPII Cannoli Wear OPI (2 coats) is the other killer off-white from Venice. This grey-tinged creme puts most other off-whites to shame. Perfect coverage. Awesome color. Fantastic addition!

OPI - Gelato on My MindOPI - Gelato on My MindThe first time I saw previews of Venice from other ladies, Gelato on My Mind (2 coats) was the one colors that stood out above the rest. I knew I needed to use this light aqua creme immediately upon arrival, which is why it's the star of the tribal print. I wore it during services at the salon, and got a lot of compliments. It's simply stunning, and applies perfectly. Another un-Fall, but who cares?!

Thank you to OPI for sending me this fabulous collection, both in lacquer and gel! You can pick this one up in stores or online now, wherever OPI is sold. Don't miss these!

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