LVX Winter Resort 2016 Swatches and Floral in the Folds Nail Art

I've swatched LVX plenty of times here at Nailed It, but one thing I always like about their collections is their willingness to go outside the boundaries of what you expect to see in

I've swatched LVX plenty of times here at Nailed It, but one thing I always like about their collections is their willingness to go outside the boundaries of what you expect to see in a seasonal collection. Yes, winter is usually dark reds and silver. But did you know it's also teal? The Winter Resort 2016 LVX line stretches those tired color muscles for winter into something unique and original.

I was inspired by this collection's soft, vintage shades to create "Floral in the Folds". These tiny little rosebuds were done with Bordeaux on a base of Lait.

Floral in the Folds by Katy @ Nailed ItFloral in the FoldsI'd love to recreate this delicate look using different shades for wedding nails!

LVX Winter Resort 2016 Swatches

Like all LVX collections, Winter Resort 2016 comes with six colors. Five out of the six are luscious, easy-to-apply cremes that cover in two coats. The last is a unique metallic that's already running low in the salon. Let's start with Saint.
LVX - SaintLVX - SaintI've dubbed Saint (2 coats) as a "gray-ple" taupe creme. It's very soft and subtle against my pale winter skin, but it doesn't wash me out.
LVX - LaitLVX - LaitLait (2-3 coats) can be difficult to apply because it can look a little patchy due to it's slightly sheer formula. I'm happy to take on the challenge for this perfectly off-white, tinged nude creme. If you can't get the right coverage at 2 coats, you just need one more thin one.
LVX - MalbecLVX - MalbecIf you Google "malbec", you'll likely get image results for a dark red win. Alongside it, you may also see this LVX shade similarly named Malbec (2 coats). I would describe it more as a dark mulberry shade. What separates it from the wine could also be the flecks of holographic sparkle that turn it into a metallic polish. How great would wine be if it also included rainbow sparkles? Basic bitches would buy that up in a heartbeat (me included).
LVX - CirqueLVX - CirqueOk, I have to be honest about my reviews, and I'll honestly say I don't like Cirque (2 coats). It just reads very "grandma" to me. Dusty roses, even warm ones like this, just got a bad reputation from the grandmothers of our past. The right occasion and outfit could make this work, but I won't be reaching for it first.
LVX - JadeLVX - JadeWhat I am excited about in Winter Resort 2016 is this un-Winter creme, Jade (2 coats). Jade would more commonly be found in a spring collection, and it can even be described in "spring" terms as robin's egg teal. 
LVX - BordeauxLVX - BordeauxBordeaux (2 coats) rounds out Winter Resort 2016. It's a dark raspberry creme. I used this for the rosebuds in the nail art at the top of this post. 
LVX is available online here. What's interesting to note is that now LVX is labeled as not only a 3-free or 5-free brand, but a 7-FREE line! If you've heard anything about TPHP recently and have concerns about it, you needn't worry with LVX because they also exclude that ingredient from their formula as well. All that being said, the wearability of it rivals the most common and well-known lacquer lines out there. 
The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


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