Dr. Dana Nail Color - Swatches and Spot Treatments

Nail polish gets a bad rap. It's either too full of chemicals, causing skin cancer, discoloring nails, or any other number of terrible things that make people unwilling or uninterested

Nail polish gets a bad rap. It's either too full of chemicals, causing skin cancer, discoloring nails, or any other number of terrible things that make people unwilling or uninterested to try new ones. If you're someone who has worries about what's going on your nails for the ingredients, you might be interested to learn about a new nail line, Dr. Dana.

Dr. Dana Ingredients

Dr. Dana products are the "first and only dermatologist developed nail care line" clinically proven to improve the appearance of your nails with a variety of high quality ingredients shown to provide several benefits to better looking and stronger nails. These ingredients include:

  • Phyto Crystal Complex (in Dr. Dana Joil products) - reinforces delicate nail cells, and creates a stronger nail that is less prone to breakage, peeling, and brittleness.
  • Glycolic Acid (in Dr. Dana Glycolic Prep) - Glycolic Acid (commonly used in the skincare industry for fine lines and wrinkles) removes surface damage to rejuvenate the nail, revealing a beautiful, healthy, youthfully lustrous shine.
By combining the Dr. Dana treatments with the colors they currently offer, your nails should be looking, feeling, and growing better and stronger. 

Color Collaborations

Each of the Dr. Dana colors has a unique story behind its name. Though the collection currently only has 6 colors, each one is created through collaboration with strong and accomplished women who inspire us. 
Dr. Dana - GayleDr. Dana - GayleGayle (2 coats) is a semi-sheer flesh-colored nude polish. For all of the following swatches, I used Dr. Dana top coat as well. The brushes on the colors are big and fat, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but slimmer nails are more tricky to paint. Its namesake is Gayle King, co-author and editor at large of The Oprah Magazine. 
Dr. Dana - HannahDr. Dana - HannahHannah (2 coats) is a bright, almost neon, orange creme. It's almost a sheer (if you look at my ring finger you can see my free edge line just a bit), but I'd still call it a creme if anyone asked. It's named for Hannah Storm, an award-winning journalist, producer, director and author well-recognized for her work in the field of sports. 
Dr. Dana - JudyDr. Dana - JudyJudy (2 coats) is a beautiful and classic cherry red creme. Judy is named for Judy Joo, a Korean-American chef patron, cookbook author, television personality and entrepreneur. 
Dr. Dana - KellyDr. Dana - KellyKelly (2 coats) is a hot pink magenta creme polish. It was created in collaboration with Kelly Ripa, who is considered to be one of the most accomplished women in media as a television producer, actor, and host of the Emmy award winning morning show Live! with Kelly. 
Dr. Dana - QuincyDr. Dana - QuincyQuincy (2 coats) is a beautiful soft pink. Its milky, semi-sheer finish is inspired by the effortless and organic style of Quincy Davis, a professional surfer and influencer who broke barriers for female surfers early on by competing as the only girl in her division when she was young. 
Dr. Dana - theSkimmDr. Dana - theSkimmtheSkimm (2 coats) is a soft and cool teal creme polish named for Carly and Danielle, who created The Daily Skimm, which is the fastest growing email newsletter on the market (which I personally subscribe to and find super helpful in the daily deluge of news flooding every outlet of media I see every day).


I personally have not tried the Joil (a combination of gel and oil) treatments or the glycolic prep, but reading about them and knowing how women struggle with nail health every time I see them in the spa intrigues me. It would be interesting to do a home-grown case study on one hand, using the other as the control, to physically see the difference the treatments and polish make over time on the nails. Dr. Dana did a few Before & Afters, but they're immediate results versus results over time. A hand that's dry will obviously look immediately better after oil application, so a longer time period would interest me more. All of the Dr. Dana treatments can be found here, and all the polishes are here. Dr. Dana also has a base and top coat. Again, I used the top coat for the swatches shown.

Nail Art

Now for the best - and let's be honest, most anticipated - part...the nail art! I was a little stumped for design ideas because most of the colors (aside from theSkimm) are relatively neutral and similar to one another. So I took to Creative Market, and stumbled upon Marigold Studios' Mini Color Pop collection of social media images. The 80s vibe of the pack lent itself well to the Dr. Dana colors, and I created some pretty fun nail art from it.
Spot Treatment by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coSpot TreatmentI call this nail art Spot Treatment and I love it. My ring finger reminds me of retro Trapper Keepers from early elementary years. The Dr. Dana colors I used for Spot Treatment were Hannah, theSkimm, and Kelly (plus some black and white I had on hand from other brands). Per usual, I did this all freehand. 
I'd love to get feedback from readers who've experienced Dr. Dana treatments first hand, whether your stories are success, failure, or neutral. If I get my hands on the treatments, I'll be sure to share my tale as well! 
The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


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