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If you didn't know, I work at a 4-star nail salon in Colorado. Ever since joining the team there, blogging has taken a backseat. It's tough to come home from long shifts, sometimes ending

If you didn't know, I work at a 4-star nail salon in Colorado. Ever since joining the team there, blogging has taken a backseat. It's tough to come home from long shifts, sometimes ending past 8:00pm, and find the energy and content to blog.

Nonetheless, nail art is still a huge passion of mine. Most days, my clients don't ask for nail art (Boulder isn't a city known for its colorful, wild fashion), but on the days that they do, I get so excited!

I'd like to share some nail art that clients and I have done together with you now! Check out the collection below, each design with its own story.

Bert and Ernie Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coBert & ErnieBert and Ernie nails were some of my favorite. Why did we pick them? No particular reason, but these gel nails turned out beautifully, and made us both giggle whenever we saw them. We recycled them after 2 weeks too, and just redid the other 8 nails.

Broncos Colors by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coBroncos ColorsThese Broncos colored gels were my first gel gradient. We were both so excited by the success of the fade into clear!

Gel Gradient by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coPurple and Pink Gel GradientOver time, I've really perfected the gel gradient. I use the Wildflowers Ombre Brush to get the effect I need!

Flamingo Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coFlamingo GradientThis flamingo gel gradient is another example of the success I've reached with gradients and gels. These made my clients Florida trip a big success!

Burberry Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coBurberry I have this Burberry pattern on my nail menu wheel, and it's become a really popular option for guests.

Fall Burberry by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coFall BurberrySome of my clients are wizards with color matching, so one of them looked at our selection of gel colors and came up with this combo for a twist on Burberry. We both loved it!

Fourth of July Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coFourth of July NailsI've celebrated a lot of holidays on my clients nails, like these Fourth of July nails, and the spooky nails below.

Halloween Scream Mask by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coHalloween Scream MaskKnife and Fork Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coKnife & Fork NailsI even did these subtle knife and fork nails for a client's big Thanksgiving dinner, even though she doesn't do nail art.

Gay Pride Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coGay PrideBig moments in my clients' lives are often reasons for nail art. This client was celebrating Gay Pride in Denver, so we gave him a colorful accent nail.

Vacations are also big moments for nail art! The design below was for a client going to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Nails by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coNicaragua NailsAnother client was spending time in the tropics, so we did a purple pedi to highlight the beautiful flora of the region.

Tropical Floral by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coTropical FloraAnd speaking of tropical pedicures, check out these palm trees.

Tropical Trees by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coTropical TreesNorthern Lights by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coNorthern LightsSometimes nail polish names inspire what we're going to do on clients. OPI's Fall 2017 collection, the Iceland collection, has this beautiful shimmering blue called Turn On the Northern Lights. So when a client picked that and didn't know what to try for nail art, I suggested we do the Northern lights! This was one of my favorite designs!

Sunflowers by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coSunflowersThese sunny sunflowers came to us after my client decided the yellow shade was right for her. The blue complements it really well.

Tie-Dye by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coTie-DyeSometimes clients have no clue what they want to do, so I get free reign! These tie-dye designs were something I've been wanting to try, so this client let me try it!

And sometimes, clients pull inspiration from nail art blogs.

Pshiiit Design by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coPshiiit DesignYou may recognize this iconic look by pshiiit. A client brought in that picture, and we changed it a bit, putting metallic in place of pshiiit's negative space.

Summer Lemonade by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coSummer LemonadeSometimes clients bring in pictures of my own nail art (like these lemon nails), and we go nuts recreating those designs! We turned my original lemon nails into a whole damn picnic!

Wonder Woman by Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.coWonder WomanWhatever clients come in for, it's always a pleasure to do nail art on all the wonderful women (and men) I get to meet and treat!

If you're in the Colorado area, or plan on coming out, stop by and make an appointment with me!


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