18 Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and as much as I wish I could spend every hour until then, painting spooky designs on to my nails, real life's just going to poke its nose in and get right

Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and as much as I wish I could spend every hour until then, painting spooky designs on to my nails, real life's just going to poke its nose in and get right in the way! So that I can still have my fun, I've put down 18 of my favourite Halloween nail art designs on to a nail wheel.

All 18 designs are quite easy as long as you know your way around a nail art brush. However, some do require more patience that others (hello rhinestones!). So, what are you waiting for, pull out all of your creepiest colours and get stuck in!

My Halloween Nail Art Essentials

Nail Art Brushes | Dotting Tools | piCture pOlish Eerie (Purple Holo) | Cirque Memento Mori (Black) | Rimmel Mars (Red)

Petrifying Pumpkin

Start with a bright orange base coat. From here you can either freehand on the pumpkin details or use a stencil for quickness and suuuper crisp lines! If you're using the stencil, always add a quick drying top coat on top of your orange, before using the sticky stencil.

Scene of the Crime

Use a light coloured base coat, then dip a spare finger straight in to a little bit of red nail polish. Dab off most of the excess on a piece of paper and stamp straight down on to your nails a few times.

Digits in Distress

Using the distressed method, layer up with orange, green, purple and a stroke or two of black.

Simple Striping

Use striping tape or scotch tape to mark off a few sections of each nail and fill them in with Halloween shades.

Shattered Glass

Cut some 'shards' out of a piece of Angel Paper and apply them carefully to your nails while the base colour is still tacky.


Once your green base coat is dry, freehand a few thick red lines. Don't worry if they're not perfectly straight, it just adds to the chaos! Go over each 'scar' with a thinner black line and finish up with some small stitches.


I saw this Beetlejuice inspired look in passing somewhere on the internet. If anyone know who created it, please let me know! Create a white-to-green gradient and add a layer of quick drying top coat. Use striping tape to create a pinstripe pattern and paint over using black. Immediately remove the striping tape and finish with a top coat.

Vampire's Kiss

Stickers from She Sells Seashells!

Funny Bones

Start with a few short, random lines on your nails. Use a dotting tool to add two little circles at each end and you're done!

From the Grave

Yet another great Halloween stencil from She Sells Seashells.


Create drips of blood either from the tips or your cuticles. I normally go from the cuticles so it looks like my nails are bleeding. GROSS! This time, I've even gone for the old highlight and contour to add some realism to the gore.


Over a white base, use black acrylic paint to freehand some hollow eyes, nostrils and mouth stitches!


If you're not all about to gore on Halloween, these splat stickers make a nice alternative.

Gruesome Gradient

I'm so proud of this gradient! There are a few designs in here that I did to make Morticia Addams proud and I know this one succeeded. For the best results, you want two polishes that are quite jelly-ish. I used W7 Black and Barry M Gelly Red. Build it up in lots of layers for a prefect fade and take your time waiting for each layer to dry before moving on to the next.

Just Add Water (Decals)

Halloween nailcals from DIY Nails over Barry M Coconut.

All That Glitters is Black

Here's another one for Morticia! I placed each and every black rhinestone individually over A-England Heathcliff. No shortcuts on this one, but it's SO worth it!

Caught You

Start by fanning out a few lines from one corner, then join them up with a scallop pattern to create the perfect cobweb. The BEST silver for freehanding is A-England Excalibur Renaiisance.


Use a large dotting tool for the body and freehand 8 legs on to each. Not for the archnophobes!

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