Art For All: Celebrate Diversity In Design Volume 6

Celebrate the work of these extraordinary artists. Each with their own unique background, they draw inspiration from their culture and surroundings to create phenomenal designs.

Welcome back to our Diversity in Design series on Envato Tuts+. Discover four talented artists with inspiring styles you´ll love.

4 Artists You Should Know: Diversity in Design

Celebrate the work of these extraordinary artists. Each with their own unique background, they draw inspiration from their culture and surroundings to create phenomenal designs.

Johnny Cardoso

Grab a jet pack and soar into the epic artwork of Johnny Cardoso. Featuring exciting poster designs with mind-blowing illustrations, his work mixes nostalgic design with incredible details.

Fliperama Party Poster 1

I´m an illustrator from Brazil currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started working at ad agencies around 2011 when I decided to pursue a career in illustration.

Fliperama Party PosterFliperama Party Poster

Fliperama Party Poster 2

I´ve always drawn since I was a kid. I used to copy a lot from comics and things I saw in magazines about anime. I really love music and big concerts, so I contribute with my illustrations??making these gig posters.

Fliperama Party Poster 2Fliperama Party Poster 2

Fliperama Party Poster 3

Fliperama Party Poster 3Fliperama Party Poster 3


I´m very inspired by Japanese animation like Akira, Paprika and Ghost in The Shell. I love the work of artists like Otomo Katsuhiro, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Moebius, James Jean and Dave McKean.


Thandiwe Tshabalala

Thandiwe is a creative digital artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Her style is uniquely geometric, and features a collection of stunning illustrations of celebrities and more.

See more in her portfolio and on Tumblr.

Portrait: J. Cole

I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am eccentric, weird, confident, a dreamer, and basically an interesting mix of crazy cool.

Portrait J ColePortrait: J. Cole

Portrait: Issa Rae

I consider myself to be a story-teller. The subject and inspiration behind my artwork is always changing. I have expressed my love for black people, struggles of being poor, racism and sexism through my illustrations. I also enjoy illustrating portraits; it makes me happy.

Portrait Issa RaePortrait: Issa Rae



Portrait: Lupita Nyong´o

I love Sebastien Thibault´s work, he´s my favorite conceptual illustrator. Sindiso Nyoni is also my fave, he´s a Zimbabwean graphic artist. In terms of style, I look up to Gabriel Silveira, Magoz and Brian Miller.

Portrait Lupita NyongoPortrait: Lupita Nyong´o

Saad Syed

The future is here. Saad Syed is a 3D artist with exceptional 3D illustrations with futuristic themes. Enjoy his unique take on epic hovercrafts, advanced weaponry, and more.

See more in his portfolio and on Instagram.

S.P.A.T.H. Hovercraft

I have worked as an independent filmmaker, animator, and 3D artist for 7 years. I grew up in Brooklyn and currently reside in Durham, North Carolina. My passion is hard surface design and 3D concept art.

SPATH HovercraftS.P.A.T.H. Hovercraft

Robotics Study

My family are mostly doctors and engineers and they all married doctors and engineers. I am the sole dedicated professional creative in the whole family. I taught myself animation and 3D design, becoming proficient in Cinema4D, Maya, Modo, Moi3D, and Fusion360.

Robotics StudyRobotics Study

Defensive Automated Plasma System

Defensive Automated Plasma SystemDefensive Automated Plasma System

P-1 Pedigree Series

I love the works of Alex Senechal, Vitaly Bulgarov, Edon Guraziu, and Daniele Trevisan.

P-1 Pedigree SeriesP-1 Pedigree Series

Anjali Patel

Anjali is a fine artist from Ontario, Canada. Her work features beautiful abstract paintings you can absolutely get lost in. Enjoy her lovely collection below.

See more in her portfolio.

Acrylic on Canvas Landscape 1

I am an ardent artist by soul. Since childhood, art has been an important aspect of my life. Art defines my subtlety, my patience, and sometimes it is a medium to represent my inner conscience. 

Acrylic on Canvas LandscapeAcrylic on Canvas Landscape

Acrylic on Canvas Landscape 2

Painting has healed me psychologically and has helped me to overcome depression. I wish to continue pursuing my passion for art and to develop a delightful source of happiness through this mode.

Acrylic on Canvas Landscape 2Acrylic on Canvas Landscape 2

Acrylic on Canvas Seascape

Acrylic on Canvas SeascapeAcrylic on Canvas Seascape

Abstract Acrylic on Canvas

The sole inspiration for my work is my father. After his death, I fell into depression and that is when someone insisted that I do what I love, to pursue what I left behind in order to fill the emptiness within. I wanted to make my dad proud.

Abstract Acrylic on Canvas Abstract Acrylic on Canvas

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I´d like to extend a warm thank you to all the artists who participated in this feature. Feel free to see more of their work in the links below:


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